Houkago Saikoro Review

An anime, originally an underappreciated niche market whose fans were commonly ostracized, about hobby games, originally an underappreciated niche market whose fans were commonly ostracized. Add +10 to all subsequent Geek rolls! ^_ ^

It’s called 放課後さいころ(ほうかご さいころ)Houkago Saikoro – After School Dice. I’ve discovered this over my lunch break at work, but I now consider it my solemn duty to review the first episode at my earliest convenience.

I’ll have to see what the next few episodes are like, but so far I’m not very impressed. The episode started off with the main character, Takekasa, straight up declaring that she sucks at having fun. I understand the need to give characters a fatal flaw, but even given what I assume to be the eventual subject matter of the show, this still comes off as really weak. I suppose welling up in tears when you’re losing or don’t understand a game is better than table-flipping, and honesty with my group it’s almost come to that (except the table is heavy), but it just comes off like the anime is trying too hard.

Towards the beginning of the episode they show Takekasa as being awkward, shy, and preferring to be alone almost to the point where she might tick the marks for clinical depression. This would make her a far more interesting character, even though it would darken the cotton candy fluff this anime is going for. Episode one is far too early to declare time of death. I recently got into an anime that has a ridiculous premise called Punchline, and immediately found the story and characters far more endearing than I gave their ridiculous setup credit for.

I do have to ask, though. I assume they weren’t in the elevator together, so how did they know what floor the class rep got off on?