Favorite Dominion Sets

As I have already expressed, Dominion is probably my favorite game series of all time (it did inspire me to create my own deck builder, after all).  It isn’t flawless.  While I have found obscure references here and there, the rules woefully fail to address going beyond 4 players.  The other complaint I have heard, not just about Dominion, but deck-builders in general is that, “they are nothing more than turn based solitaire.”  There’s not  much I can do about number one, but on that second note I present the following recommended set.

First, Combat Dominion — a cherry picked set of cards for a balance of attacks and reaction.

  • From original Dominion:
    • Library
    • Moat
    • Bureaucrat
    • Militia
    • Cellar
    • Chapel
  • From Intrigue
    • Pawn
    • Masquerade
    • Swindler (update, use village from original for extra actions).
    • Torturer

Another issue that deck-builders suffer from is game balance.  Usually not in box, but for games like Ascension and Dominion that have multiple editions with the intent of being able to mix editions, some editions simply break the game, causing infinite loops or just plain ruining the fun.  The group I usually play games with during the weekends put our heads together and churned out what we have christened, “Broken Dominion”

Broken Dominion:

  • From Alchemy:
    • Possession
    • University
    • Scrying Pool
  • From Original
    • Adventurer
    • Festival
    • Council Room
    • Throne Room
    • Workshop
    • Village
    • Moat

Dominion started as, mechanically, a rather simple game.  Throughout the years, new editions have added new functions that require new placards and game pieces that basically added a worker placement element to the game.  I wanted to know, if you created a set of kingdom cards that basically maxed out on these ad-ins, would you break the game?  It turns out it was actually well balanced and a lot of fun.

Mega Dominion:

  • Renaissance
    • Project:  Road Network
    • Patron
    • Treasurer
    • Boarder Guard
    • Swashbuckler
  • Seaside
    • Pirate Ship
    • Island
    • Native Village
  • Adventures
    • Guide (or Coin of the Realm)
    • Wine Merchant
    • Transmogrify
    • Event: Traveling Fair


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