Protospiel Chicago

I took Ruins of Elysia to Protospeil Chicago over the weekend.  Chicago being an approximately 6 hour (one way) drive for me, I didn’t have the time or the money for more than the Saturday pass, but I did get do see some great games from some of the other designers..  Protopsiel is a convention for game designers to play through each other’s games and give/get more than “it’s good/needs work” response, but a more pointed feedback that a work in progress needs.

I got to sit down and play Brave New Worlds by Mickey McDonald, which is a resource management/discovery game that celebrates space exploration history.  I also want to mention Rob and Brenden from RattleBox Games.  They had a macabre and highly entertaining worker placement game themed after unleashing demonic forces in the woods (a – dare I say – spiritual homage to Crystal Lake).  Not only did I have a blast playing their game, but they were kind enough to sit down and take a run through Ruins of Elysia.  I’ll be keeping my eyes open for their games on store shelves and the pages of kickstarter.

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